SLOW EDIT MIXTAPE 2: Never As Slow (as the First Time) by LUXXURY

We premiered LUXXURY's take on the KISS classic I Was Made For Loving You earlier this year, and it's great to see that he's back with a sequel to Slow Edits Mixtape '78 and a European tour this September. LUXXURY has to be one of the most distinctive and accomplished DJs and producers working in Los Angeles right now and his reputation in the UK is growing rapidly, thanks in part to his gigs alongside the legendary Liverpool DJ Greg Wilson (who has long been including LUXXURY's edits in his sets). You can get tickets to see LUXXURY and Wilson play at the House of Disco in London on September 16 here and the other dates are below. 

   So here's Slow Edits 2, which LUXXURY describes as "a mixtape with an hour’s worth of just-slightly-north of 100bpm edits designed for a sly 3am skinny dip in the rooftop pool at the hotel." 

0:01 Riders on the Storm (LUXXURY live edit) - The Doors
7:39 Summer Came My Way (LUXXURY club mix) - Greg Wilson ft. the Reynolds
11:46 Like an Eagle (LUXXURY live edit) - Dennis Parker
15:08 Diamonds (Todd Terje Tangoterje Dub Remix) - Paul Simon
22:06 Only Happy When it Rains (Virgin Magnetic Material rework) - Garbage
26:35 Shout (LUXXURY live edit) - Tears for Fears
29:46 Small Town Lover (LUXXURY lite edit) - Cheri 
32:59 When I Think of You (GDFN Edit + Luxxury extras) - Janet Jackson
37:18 No P’s (Dr. Dunks) - Dolly Parton
41:42 Whole Lotta Love (LUXXURY live edit) - Led Zeppelin
46:13 Money for Nothing (LUXXURY live edit) - Dire Straits
49:41 Money (LUXXURY live edit) - Rosebud
52:14 Do it Again (LUXXURY live freakout dub edit) - Steely Dan
58:07 Don’t Stop The Dance (Eric “Dunks” Duncan Remix) - Bryan Ferry


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