Soft Rock For Hard Times Volume 3 by Universal Cave

We're very pleased to be hosting the new volume in the outstanding Soft Rock For Hard Times mix series by the Philadelphia-based DJs and collectors Universal Cave. Featuring the best in lost AOR and funk rock from the 1970s, this mix shows once again Universal Cave's extraordinary knack for finding unloved obscurities which are often better than the songs which were celebrated at the time, or which have been rehablitated in recent years. 

As with the previous two volumes, Volume 3 is also available on cassette which you can buy here. Volume 2 is still available over at Test Pressing and Volume 1 is on the Soundcloud page of Dream Chimney. Universal Cave's edits are well worth checking out too, and we've featured couple of this site: Around The Bend and Jo-Jo. And for those who particularly like the spacey funk elements in Volume 3 Universal Cave's Hongry series is a must too. 

Download Volume 3 / Follow Universal Cave on Facebook 


Anonymous said…
Is there a tracklist for this?
watchow said…
Please! A track list please!

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