Just A Song Before I Go (West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock Volume 11) by pH

"Okay here's #11 in my compilation series for AOR Disco," says Paul Hillery. "I felt I had started to lose my way with Volumes #8 and #9 in the series, as I headed off into disco, soul and even into island territories. This mix takes it back to the singer songwriter vibe of my earlier mixes. Hope you enjoy it. Music is love. x." 

Thanks to Paul for this latest exclusive mix - and also for introducing us to Tufano-Giammarese, our top obscure find of the autumn so far. 

Tufano-Giammarese - I'm A Loser
Peter Martin (Drouyn) - Thursday Song
Ray Gooliak - Maui On My Mind
Reef Cody - Two Years Before The Mast
Timothy - Your Love Rolled All Over Me
Ray Lefevra - Fly With Me
NazJazz - Changes
Erik Tagg - Got To Be Lovin You
Neil Elliott Dorval - A Fantasy
Frank Corbin - One Night Lover
John Donovan - Rock And Roll Woman
Stephen Whynott - What Have You Seen
Gordon Haskell - The Right Time
Allan Thomas - Hitch-hiker Song
Ed Legare - Suzanne (No One Cares)
Robert Lee - The Lady Falls
Philip John Lewin - Fear Of Flying
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Just A Song Before I Go


Unknown said…
Some Reference Point faves in there Paul!
Unknown said…
Some Reference Point faves in there Paul!
Unknown said…
Hi Les - yes George played the NazzJazz last time I was there and I think you intoruduced me to Erik Tagg didn't you ? ! Hope you are good mate ? !

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