Ride Every Wave by Flying White Dots

Ride Every Wave is the follow-up to 2013's Barracuda, the album of languid but highly inventive psychedelic remixes and mash-ups by Flying White Dots of 1970s Californian rock radio classics. This new collection features some deeply downtempo tracks too - such as the ambient arp synth version of America's Ventura Highway - but Bryan Whellams (Bestival resident, "part-time disco groover" and the behind FWD) has stepped up the pace overall, and highlights include a big, funked-up revamp of Tears For Fears. And while we're at it do take a listen to FWD's brilliant dub remix of Hall and Oates' Maneater from earlier this year too. 

00:00 Slave To The Grid
03:24 Shouting In The Jungle
07:20 Sweet A Boo
10:08 There's A Lotta Stars Out There
13:54 The Joker Departs
17:03 Teardrops In Heaven
20:37 Stranger On A Highway
23:45 Walking Straight
28:11 Roadworks Ahead
30:59 Return To Oz
35:06 Turn Once
41:15 South Of Chicago


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