Saturdaynight Ride (West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock Volume 10) by pH

Paul Hillery keeps the smooth 1970s rarities coming in this latest volume in his long-running and much-loved series of West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock mixes.

Sheila Chester - Let This Day Be Now
Steve & Theresa - Catching A Wave
NazJazz - Each Moment We Survive
Loredana Bertè - Io Resto Senza Il Vento
Ambi & Arno - You Are On My Mind
John Tropea - Livin In The Jungle
Letta Mbulu - Nomalizo
Dadou Pasquet Et Le Magnum Band - Ça'n Pensé De Ça?
Lord Shorty - Sweet Music
Sweet Mixture - House Of Fun And Love
Kip Carmen - Saturdaynight Ride
Kenny Vance With Ismael Miranda - In Havana
The Millionaires - You Are On My Mind
Shoot - Living Blind
Gino Vannelli - People Gotta Move
C.C. Band - Be My Love Tonight
Edward Fisher - Urban Nights
Jacob F. Desvarieux - Rifyx


Unknown said…
Loving these mixes..any chance of a re-up for vols 10 & 11??
Anonymous said…
You can find them on Mixcloud !

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