Last Call for the AOR Disco T-Shirt

It took us three years to get around to reprinting the original AOR Disco T-shirt and we now have only 10 left. Worn by AOR Disco favourites dj ShmeeJay (above) and Luxxury (below) the t-shirt is made by American Apparel with a screen-printed logo and it comes in four sizes. You can order one here


SupremeAntBee said…
I just recently discovered you guys, and what you have going on here, and I must say, I love it all! The music on these DJ Mixes, and remixes, take me back to my childhood/teen years, when there wasn't too much to worry about what was going on in the world. All this to say, are you going to reprint these T-shirts, again? Please? I must have one. Thank you, and please keep up the great work! I could cry listening to this music, as it takes one back to a different era and mindset.
rndm1970 said…
I also would like a t-shirt. I'm in the far, far future from this original post. Please! If you do reprintings please let me know so I can purchase one.

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