Ta´ Mej (Rune Lindbæk and Todd Terje Edit) - Tomas Ledin

This edit by Norwegian cosmic disco legends Rune Lindbaek and Todd Terje has been knocking around for a couple of months now but we couldn't end the year without featuring it. Tomas Ledlin is a well-known figure in Sweden who represented his country in Eurovision in 1980 and went on to do the biggest tour ever staged in Scandinavia in 2002 (as well as selling over 250,000 copies of his best of compilation). But the closest he came to achieving international recognition was his stint as backing singer and keyboard player for ABBA on their 1979-1980 tour. They gave him a solo spot each night to perform his own song Not Bad at All. He also appeared in the video for Super Trouper  and in 1982 there was a flicker of success outside of Scandinavia with Never Again, his duet with Agnatha Faltskog, which went to number one in Chile. But he was destined only for domestic glory. Until now of course with this cheeky revival courtesy of Lindbaek (whose Midnight Sun mix for us is well worth tracking down) and Terje. 


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