The Jeff Porcaro Collection Volume Three by Martijn Soetens

A charismatic and sometimes feared figure, Jeff Porcaro was the linchpin of the late '70s and '80s Southern Californian music scene.  The top session drummer of his day Porcaro features on hundreds of tracks, from the classic releases of the yacht rock elite to long-forgotten top 40 hits to serious jazz-rock sessions. He was also the driving force and capo of Toto until his death in 1992 aged just 38. Thanks to Martijn Soetens, music director of NPO Soul and Jazz in the Netherlands, for compiling another great mix of Porcaro's finest work. 

Brothers Johnson - Do It For Love (1981)
Bill Champlin - I Don’t Want You Anymore (1978)
Cher - Prisoner (1979)
Jerry Williams - Gone (1979)
Hall & Oates - Love Hurts (Love Heals) (1977)
Bonnie Raitt - Sugar Mama (1975)
Leo Sayer - Everything I’ve Got (1977)
Peter Allen - Pass This Time (1980)
Valerie Carter - Crazy (1978)
Steely Dan - FM (No Static At All) (1978)
Mickey Thomas - The Street Only Knew Your Name (1977)
Jakob Magnusson - Meet Me After Midnight (1981)
Chanson - Don’t Hold Back (1978)
Randy Goodrum - Fool’s Paradise (1982)
White Horse - Lost And In Trouble (1977)
Larry Carlton - Room 335 (1978)
Terence Boylan - The War Was Over (1977)
Adrian Gurvitz - Free Ride (1979)
Eric Tagg - Tell-Tale Eyes (1975)


professor Eddy said…
Very nice job by one half of the Smooth Operators! :-)
West Coast Music Magazine said…
Another really great mix...with some rare gems amongst this collection. Essential listening choices again from Martijn Soetens. Enjoy!
rv said…
rv said…
call me at my email or just phone!!
Anonymous said…
What's not to like about this selection!? By the way, the UK's number one soul/jazz DJ, Peter Young of Jazz FM, has probably played a fair few of these tracks. Check out his weekly playlist.
Peter, Chiswick, West London, UK

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