Yacht Trip Volume Three by Funk Bear Brothers

Svolanski and Dropout aka The Funk Bear Brothers return with the third instalment of their Yacht Trip series and this time they take us into jazz-funk territory. Some great new discoveries here, as always, including Midnight Shuffle by obscure '80s soulsters Doc Jam, Crime by modern-day hipster-type Mayer Hawthorne and Free by revered Hawaiian act Seawind. If you want to take a cruise with the Funk Bear Brothers in actual real-life then you just need to book a ticket for one their new monthly boat rides on the Elbe in Germany where they'll be playing "yacht, AOR, modern soul and boogie stuff."

01.  Avalanches - Since I Left You
02.    Doc Jam - Love U 4
03.    Breakbot - Back For More
04.    Con Funk Shun - California 1
05.    Am & Shawn Lee - City Boy
06.    Doc Jam - Midnight Shuffle
07.    Bluey - Got To Let My Feelings Show
08.    Tatsuro Yamashita - Love Talkin'
09.    Kenny Thomas - Turn It Up
10.    Mayer Hawthorne Feat. Kendrick Lamar – Crime
11.    Sunfire - Young Free and Single
12.    The Solicitors – Joyce
13.    Mike Francis – Survivor
14.    Selvagem - Tudo Bem
15.    Seawind – Free
16.    Werner Williams - You Got Style
17.    Hokis Pokis - Can't Wait For Love
18.    Santana - Life Is Anew
19.    Van Morrison – Natalia

20.    Hamilton, Joe Frank & Dennison - Now That I've Got You


Untchble said…
Thanks for the share...any more info on the Doc Jam cut - I cannot find it anywhere and it grooves so hard!
Untchble said…
Please and thank you in advance.

Is the title correct: Doc Jam - Love U 4
Untchble said…
Found it sorry it was on a Giant Cuts comp

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