Nitty Gritty Cotton Pickin' - Mojo Filter featuring Earl Scruggs

"Light-speed banjos and line-dance hillbillies!" says Ben Zaven-Crane of Mojo Filter. "The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band give us the ballistic instrumental upon which we've jammed some simple beats. Thanks to Psychemagik for the support and inspiration." 


Forget The Grid's 'Swamp Thing', this is the real deal..a hot steamy Appalachian groove, you can almost taste the dirt and feel the moonshine burning your insides...namechecking Psychemagik, clearly people of taste and discernment!
Jive said…
this sounds great, how do you make these mashups? What do you use - is there a banjo plug-in I don't know about? Brilliant. LOVE AOR.

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