Triad (DJ Steef Edit) - The Byrds

 Triad is currently unavailable but DJ Steef's classic edit of Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath can be downloaded here 


I thought it would be a while before DJ Steef approached the sheer majesty of the Sabbath edit but he has got pretty close with this perfectly constructed and organically flowing rather than simply a vocal track stretched and time-coded to fit the beats.

Interestingly though David Crosby wrote the track, the subject matter was deemed a little too controversial for the then wholesome Byrds so they gave it to Jefferson Airplane, I guess figuring if Grace can sing about some kinda mushroom and hookah smoking caterpillars she can sing about non-monogamy and three way action sixties style ;)

It was years before I heard the Byrds version, so much so I spent a good part of the last 25 years assuming it was an Airplane original!

Given the fact DJ Steef has no download options on his edits (inexplicable given the fact there are no 'buy' options but each edit to their own I guess) I hope you are going to wrestle a download out of him like you did with Planet Caravan!
Adam said…
Magic Wand Edits vol. 3
DJ Steef - "Triolisme"

Grab that
If I still bought vinyl I would....searched all over for a digital version but alas it looks like its shellac all the way!

If the Magic Wand guys are reading this, I hope they are thinking of a CD compilation of this and their various other series they have done otherwise all that happens is once the general demand emerges someone rips a copy via Soulseek or Global Noises etc and that is that.

The absolute irony of it all is if labels who released vinyl only were to sell FLAC/WAV copies or even give away 320 MP3 rips they would actually sell more the topsy turvy world of neteconomics the more exposure your label gets via a multitude of blogs posting your releases the more records you sell to put it country simple.
professor Eddy said…
Nice one! I like the comments of the saucer people. Interesting theories!

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