That's Love (Special Extended Party Dad Version) - Jim Capaldi

"Before digging this record out of a pile of 45s that showed up in my local record shop a couple of years ago, the only things I'd heard from Jim Capaldi were his excellent 1979 disco classic Shoe Shine and his drumming in the band Traffic, " says Tay McNabb of Party Dad.  "This song is quite a bit different from either, though. Super laid-back synth-heavy AOR grooves perfect for driving around on a cloudy day or shuffling across a dancefloor in the wee hours of the morning. That's Love was co-produced by Capaldi's former Traffic bandmate Steve Winwood, whose keyboard work on the track harkens back to his 1980 album Arc Of A Diver, an essential record for anyone's Balearic crate."

Download / Buy the 1983 original 


Anonymous said…
Excellent!!! One of my favorites!!
Thanx a lot!
John Zahl said…
Super balearo-smooth jammer! Thanks again AOR!
Anonymous said…
Totally dig this. Thanks!
professor Eddy said…
I bought this single from Jim Capaldi back in 1983, great song!

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