T2MM Edits: A Short Mixtape For AOR Disco by The Two Mamarrachos (New Upload)

Many thanks to Borja Campion Bordenave and Jaime Sagastibelza for this exclusive mix of their classic AOR Disco edits.

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AOR Disco's Interview With The Two Mammarchos Featuring the T2MM Edit of "Just For You" by Peter Green 


1. Another Sleep Song (T2MM Edit) - Crosby, Stills and Nash
2. Cafe (T2MM Edit) - Tim Buckley
3. Alone Again (T2MM Edit) - Gilbert O'Sullivan
4. Planet Caravan (T2MM Edit) - Black Sabbath
5. Light of Day (T2MM Beta Edit) - Little River Band
6. You Keep On Movin' (T2MM Edit) - Deep Purple
7. Muskrat Love (T2MM Edit) - America
Anonymous said…
Outstanding, yo. Love the Mamarrachos. Thanks.

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