Don't You Worry - Bandit

The opening track to Nick Faber's recent mix The Sound of the Summer I Fell In Love With You, 'Don't You Worry' evokes a mid-70s suburban American adolescence as romanticised by movies like Dazed and Confused. So it's a surprise to discover that Bandit were actually a British group led by Danny McIntosh, who is now Kate Bush's guitarist - and husband. The debut album in 1976 by the original line-up featured Cliff Williams of AC/DC on bass and Jim Diamond on vocals (who went on to have the irritating early 1980s hits  I Should Have Known Better and I Won't Let You Down). Only McIntosh would remain in Bandit for the second album Partners In Crime.  Recorded in 1978 the album was a flop and Bandit broke up shortly afterwards. But 'Don't You Worry', the last track, was undoubtedly the group's finest moment.  

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David said…
You Should Have Known Better was indeed awful, but I always rather liked 'I won't let you down'. This Bandit track is a belter, I have to say.

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