Lost Summer by The Extended Mix

"A blend of Balearic, motorik, psych, indie, Krautrock, electronic and pop to celebrate the non-event that is Summer 2012 here in the UK," says Graeme Fisher of The Extended Mix.

"*No sounds of the seashore are to be found anywhere on this mix..."

Pick Up On 101 (cinema trailer) 
Zombie – Slow Oscillations 
Cheval Sombre – Troubled Mind 
Songs Of Green Pheasant – Dear Prudence 
Jonas Munk – Orca 
Fursattl – Link Der Pegnitz 
Whitey – Lost Summer 
Time & Space Machine – Hiding In The Light 
Zsou – Written In The Dust 
Ikons – Ink Void 
Hotel Mexico - Wolves Running Through The Desert


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