Sabbath Bootie Sabbath by Fissunix

The first volume in a series of "heavy metal mash up" mixes by Fred Kempf of Fissunix. Starring AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead and Ozzy Osbourne  - all thrown in with French and Austrian electro, MC Hammer, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and much else besides.   

DJ Schmolli - T.N.T Bass
MadMixMustang - Overrelaxed
Wax Audio - Whole Lotta Sabbath
Fissunix - The Party Rules
DJ Schmolli - Fire In The Sky
Wax Audio - I'm In Love With Judas Priest
Fissunix - Burn Da Funk
Wax Audio - Thunder Busters
DJ Schmolli - The Trooper Believer
Fissunix - Rainbow In The Superfreak Dark
Fissunix - Doin' The Jumpo
DJ Schmolli - Crazy Like an Egyptian
DJ Morgoth - You've Got Another Firestarter Comin'
A+D - Pour Some Hot Sugar
Fissunix - Mr Crowley's Heat
M'siou Rigolitch - The Bell Tolls For The Masters Of Babylon
Amoraboy - Sweet Kung-Fu Of Mine
ToToM - Like an Ace of Spades
DJ Schmolli - Drop It Like Black Sabbath


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