Bio-Electronic Meditation Society by John Morgan

"So it’s Esalen’s 50th birthday this year," says John Morgan. "More importantly, that makes five decades of self-actualized hot tubbing. To pay homage to that transcendent spot along California Highway 1,  I thought  I’d gather some New Agers, krautrockers, folkies, mystics, Marin mountain dwellers and old Esalen regulars to celebrate. Eyes shut….deep breath….smell the pines….feel the waves." 

 Quintessence -  “Midnight Mode”
Peter Sellers  -   “Being There”
Charles Lloyd -  “Koto”
Yello – “Blue Green”
  Linda Perhacs – “Sandy Toes”
  Relatively Clean Rivers – “Hello Sunshine”
 Kak – “Lemonaide Kid”
 Yes – "Close to the Edge” (opening)
Franco Falsini – “Cold Nose Part 3”
Brainticket – “The Space Between”
Sinoia Caves – “Naro Way”
 Ravi Shankar – “Friar Park”
 Andreas Vollenweider – “Brothership”
 Peter Baumann – “Romance”
Alan Watts – “Out of Your Mind”
 Peter Bursch und die Broselmaschine – “Come Together”
 David Crosby – “Tamalpais High (At About 3)
 Jonathan Wilson – “Rolling Universe”
Mark-Almond – “The Sausalito Bay Suite / The Bridge”

Thanks to John for this third volume in a series of exclusive mixes for AOR Disco / Download Bio-Electronic Meditation SocietyEl Eternauta and Cosmic Cowboy / Visit Esalen


Holly said…
Great mix! Thank you ☼
Anonymous said…
I was clearly born in the wrong decade. Thanks for the great trip.
Anonymous said…
Got me higher then I already was, and that means something!
Had a fantastic trip. Thanks
john said…
thanks so much holly- just saw this message months later ;)
john said…
thank you! i guess that's the beauty of music- it transports!

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