Flying Cloud Mix Part Three by K

 A shadow history of the 1970s singer-songwriter era, K's series of Flying Cloud mixes favour the under-appreciated talents and often out-of-print recordings from post-Laurel Canyon artists such as Alzo, David Batteau, J.D. Souther and Clifford T. Ward instead of well-worn types like Jackson Brown, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.   
The smooth grooves of K's recent Summer Breeze  mix (one of the most popular sets we've featured this year) barely feature in the Flying Cloud series: the acts featured here are gentle, melancholic souls and need nothing more than an an acoustic guitar and a full orchestra. So get ready  for a 90 minute reverie with the forgotten troubadours of the 1970s. 

Sunshine Memorial Orchestra - Sues Blues (1976)
John Martyn - Just Now (1971)
Robert Lester Folsom - Show Me To The Window (1976)
Alzo - I Want To Love Her (1973)
Clifford T. Ward - Gaye (1973)
Doug Ashdown - Winter In America (1977)
Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen - Morning Order, Intro (1980)
Vigrass & Osborne - Ballerina (1972)
Judee Sill - The Kiss (1973)
Jimmie Spheeris - Child From Nowhere (1976)
Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades - Glass Off (1977)
J.D. Souther - Doors Swing Open (1976)
Greer - Between Two Worlds (Wahwah Edit) (1973)
Ilian - Tell Me (1977)
Time Wasters - Seventh Wave (1978)
Big Lost Rainbow - Lady Love (1973)
Apelsin - Igatsus (1979)
Johnny Nash - Mr. Sea (Quiet Village's Keep On Rolling Edit) (1979)
Pat Upton - She Said Goodbye (1975)
Clifford T. Ward - Wherewithal (1973)
Henri Texier - Amir (1976)
Jed And Lucia - Circle Of Stones (2010)
Marc Jonson - Rainy Dues (1972)
Howdy Moon - Millstream (1974)
David Batteau - You Need Love (1976)
Batteaux - High Tide (1974)
Thurston Moore - Mina Loy (2011)

Download Flying Cloud Three / Two / One / Photograph by Neil Krug


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