Feathers In My Pool by J Feathers

Detroit's J Feathers, the man behind our popular 'soft-prog' series Light Departures, returns to keep the summer dream alive with this excellent mix of deep 1970s AOR/Westcoast, late period Krautrock, and the smooth and catchy side of progressive rock.  Prog-yacht if you will. Or maybe not. In any case, as J Feathers says, it's "music for a hot day when there's nothing you can do but sit in the pool (or any body of water if there's not a pool within reach). Keep sailin'!""

cool in the pool - holgar czukay 
call me - starbuck 
my innocence - laura nyro 
throw me a line - bob weston 
no deal - lyons & clark 
sinbad - grimaldi/zeiher 
don't ask - 10cc 
you make me smile - camel 
she's not in love - larsen/feiten band 
gimme the goods - boz scaggs 
the way i feel - adrian gurvitz 
it could be trouble - nielsen/pearson 
touch of tequila - curved air 
step by step - alan parsons project 
more - matthew larkin cassell 
when love disappears - robbie patton 
show me your love - greg guidry 
why i came to california - leon ware 
france - grateful dead 
crackers - focus 
i want more - can


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