View From The West Coast Volume Eight by Fusion Flavours

Steve Quirk of Fusion Flavours is currently DJing on a yacht with Michael MacDonald off the coast of Corsica. And we're not even joking. If that isn't smooth enough for you, try this latest instalment of his AOR/Westcoast series, featuring the best hits and rarities from a lost golden age.

Karen Carpenter – Guess I Just Lost My Head
Player – Baby Come Back
Bruce Roberts – I Don’t Wanna Go
Alessi Brothers – Oh Lori
Ambrosia – You’re The Only Woman
Doobie Brothers – You're Made That Way
Marva King – Who’s Right Who’s Wrong
Orleans – Dance With Me
Paul McCartney and Wings – Bluebird
Billy Joel – Rosalinda’s Eyes
Steve Winwood – Arc of the Diver
Kenny Loggins – Heart to Heart
Stephen Bishop – Little Italy
Jim Schmitt – Love Has Taken It All Away
Al Stewart – Year of the Cat
Faragher Brothers – Baby When You Make It With Me
Ralph McDonald and Bill Withers – In the Name of Love
Future Flight – Hypnotic Lady

Download Volume Eight / New uploads of Volumes One to Seven coming soon


Scott Seaborn said…
Hi guys. The share site your using (rapideshare) is extremely slow. Over 3 hours for this one. They do it on purpose (you have to buy an $8 subscription to get normal speed.) Might be a good idea to change to soundcloud or something (which is fast and free) unless of course you are working for Rapidshare :-)
Thanks Scott. Didn't realise it was taking that long. Soundcloud is where we usually host the mixes but they won't allow us to host the View From... series due to the signature intro. We'll move this mix on to another share site though. Cheers M

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