AOR Disco 5th Anniversary Mix by DJ Same

On the 1st of June AOR Disco celebrates its 5th birthday and to mark the occasion Sam Edlin aka DJ Same has put together a 2 hour set of some of the best-loved remixes we've featured since 2009. It opens with the very first track we posted and ends with the biggest remix of this year so far.

 "It was an absolute pleasure to go back over the archives and discover all these gems," says Sam. "I thought I'd dug up a few myself for this mix but it turned out they'd been featured during the first year anyway."  

Sam's been responsible for some of our most popular mixes over the years. Few DJs have been able to strike such perfect balance between two seemingly opposing genres - classic rock and house music. 

"I grew up listening to rock and pop of the 1980s until the summer of 1989 happened," he says. "Over those six weeks of school holidays everything changed. At the start I was buying Now That's What I Call Music. By the end of the holidays Deep Heat comps along with suede kickers, mustard tracksuit bottoms and hooded tops were de rigueur. A love affair with house and disco had started and this was probably the last great youth culture which took a hold of the whole nation. Amazing times.

Skip to 2010. On my way home after a night shift working for the ambulance service listening to Rob Da Bank's excellent eclectic show I heard Psychemagik's edit of Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere and it blew my exhausted mind. Combining classic rock and pop with a dance floor sensibility it was just what I was looking for. I discovered the AOR Disco blog via a Google search and have never looked back." 

Thanks to Sam and to everyone else who has contributed to the site over the last five years.

1) I'm On Fire - Bruce Springsteen (Cousin Cole Bad Desire Remix)
2) Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin (V Dub Edit) 
3) She's Mine - Steve Perry (Red Ken's Resuscitated Edit) 
4) Yesterday Princess - Stanley Clarke (B.G. Barragard Remix)
5) For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) 
6) The Name of the Wave - William Orbit
7) Easy To Love - Leo Sayer (La Homage Rodeo Drive Ride Edit) 
8) 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon (Pollyn Edit) 
9)  Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner ((Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) 
10) Another Blue Realm - Brian Eno (Mojo Filter Remix)
11) Au Pays Des Merveilles De Juliet - Yves Simon (Psychemagik Edit)
2) How We Walk On The Moon - Arthur Russel (Youth Rerub)
13) Life In The Fast Lane - The Eagles (The Reflex Remix) 
14) Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush (Louis la Roche Remix) 
15) Forever Man - Eric Clapton (Nelue Re-edit)
16) Valley of Paradise - Psychemagik (Greg Wilson Remix)
17) Leave Your Earth Behind - Soft Rocks (Roots Unit's Hello Earth Remix)
18) All We Got (It's Not Enough, It's Never Enough)
 - Michael McDonald (Shep Pettibone 1990 Never Enough House Remix) 
19) Pen 15 Club - Soft Rocks
20) Hotel California -The Eagles (Luxxury Edit) 


[R][R][R] said…
Massive Mix!!!
Anonymous said…
Complete understanding and insight to what people want, and love. Well done son :/
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Hi there,

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this mix on Soundcloud a while back and grooved to it almost daily with my 6 month old son at home while imagining the day I could finally listen to it while sitting on the beach in the sun....but just like that, it was gone!

Is there another link available to download? I would greatly appreciate it. With thanks, Cindy

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