AOR Disco May Mix by DJ Same

When it comes to modern day remixes of classic rock and pop from the 1970s and 1980s, Sam Edlin aka DJ Same has consistently delivered our most popular mixtapes. Thanks again to Sam for his latest exclusive for AOR Disco. 

01. I Want To Break Free - Queen (The Reflex Revision)
02. I Want Your Soul - Dr Packer
03. Mark My Words - Shallow Taxi Club (Monkey Boots Remix)
04. For Your Love - Chilly (London Maxi Mix BBM Remix)
05. Sandy Haired Seppuku - FatNeck
06. Mari - Free (Ray Mang Remix Extended Version)
07. Once I
n a Lifetime - Talking Heads (The Reflex Revision)

08. Black Betty - Ram Jam (The Reflex Revision)
09. Big Love - Fleetwood Mac (Disco Syndicate Edit)
10. Rock the Casbah - The Clash (The Reflex Revision)


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