Grind It Out (Westcoast, Sunset Disco & Yacht Rock Volume 2) by pH

In this follow up to Sweet Friction Paul Hillery charts even deeper waters with this latest mix of ultra-rare tracks from the 1970s.  Highlights for us include the lavish yacht rock sound of Two Suited's Must Have Been The Light, a track so thoroughly and unjustly forgotten that no amount of Googling will show it ever existed. Thanks to Paul for this latest exclusive for us. Volume 3 is coming soon and others mixes by Paul can be found at his blog Turn On, Tune In, Drift Off… 

Peter - Peter Ivers 
Write Your Lucky Number - Darrell John 
Misunderstood - Greg Sonnleitner And The Point Of Pleasure Chorus 
You Don't Know - Jim Byfield 
Must Have Been The Light - Two Suited 
We Can Call It Home - Free Beer 
A Perfect Day - Charles Schoen 
The Easy Way - Bill Zucker 
Rifles And Rum - Rupert Holmes 
You Brought My Beginning - Sam Signaoff 
Nobody Wants To Know - Wild Wood 
I Wonder - Leo Swift 
Easy Evil - Sonny Bottari 
A Tear Can Tell - Frankie Valli 
Up To You - Kalapana 
Grind It Out - Nick Holmes 
Voudou - Dwight Druick 
Gypsy Rider - Heartsfield 
Parachute Man - Thomas Munck


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