Got More Love (Westcoast, Sunset Disco & Yacht Rock Volume 3) by pH

With over 63,000 plays in the last month Paul Hillery's Grind It Out is the most popular mixtape we've featured on the AOR Disco Soundcloud page so far. It was the second in his Westcoast, Sunset Disco & Yacht Rock series (the excellent Sweet Friction  was the first)  and we're delighted to present the latest volume Got More Love. Once again Paul has uncovered a host of ultra-rare tracks and he's created a seamless blend of the folky, stoner sound of early 1970s Laura Canyon with the smooth, expensive grooves which evoke LA's marinas and freeways at the start of the 1980s. 

Michael Jarrett - Sunday In LA Peter Martin (Drouyn) - Thursday Song Marvin Franklin With Kimo And The Guys - Kona Winds Michael Glick - Soft Winds (Tania) Travis Moon Band - Sail Away James McKenzie - Birth Is Love Ron Rinaldi - Mexican Summer R. Jones - Trying To Find Love Again 
Bautista - Gone Far Cry - Some Things Will Never Change Bruce Kosaveach - Wake Up To The World Stephen Michael Schwartz - Get It Up For Love Michael Thompson - It Hurts Tim Green - Got More Love Photoglo - Steal Away Savanna Silver Band - Take A Giant Step


Arthit said…
"R. Jones - Trying To Find Love Again Bautista - Gone" - this is 2 songs: R Jones ("Trying To Find Love Again") and Bautista ("gone")
Thanks Arthit. All fixed..

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