Sidra's Dream by Balearic Social

Andy Pye's Balearic Social Radio Show and monthly night at The Outlaws Yacht Club has featured a Who's Who of Balearic, disco and soft rock DJs in recent months. As if this hasn't made him busy enough, Andy's probably a more prolific DJ than any of his guests, and the sheer range and depth of his set lists suggest a ridiculously huge record collection too. Sidra's Dream is Andy's latest exclusive mix for us and follows last year's Rainbow Canyon. This time he heads into psychedelic funk and hard rock territory - with the occasional smooth interlude of course - and he becomes the first DJ on this site ever to include a track by Whitesnake. And it's about time too. 

Beautiful Swimmers – Open Shadow 
Jimmy Webb – Skylark 
Michael Kiwanuka – You’ve Got Nothing To Lose 
Boz Scaggs – Do Like You Do In New York 
Barry Reynolds – Give Me Love 
Bob Welsh – Outskirts 
Breeze – Wizard 
Whitesnake – Ain't Gonna Cry No More 
J Geils Band – Back To Get Ya 
Johnny Rivers – Outside Help 
Stroer – Some People 
Michael Wynn Band – Black Night 
Babe Ruth – Since You Went Away 
Jerry Williams – Easy On Yourself 
Pierre Billon – La Distribution des Prix 
War - Summer


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