Do You Like...Michael Franks? by J Feathers

"I know that not everyone into AOR digs Mike," says Detroit's J Feathers, the man behind our superb Light Departures series. And it's true. Frank's smooth jazz stylings, the gentleness of his vocals (reminiscent of James Taylor) and the often quietly humorous lyrics can all just come across as too nice on first listen. "BUT, if you give him the chance, you’ll be calling him Uncle Mike in no time," adds Feathers. "So if you're going to the beach, making love...or making love on the beach, look no further than this mix for your ultimate soundtrack."

when the cookie jar is empty 
on my way home to you 
st. elmo’s fire 
never say die 
i really hope it’s you 
three today 
when it’s over 
loving you more and more 
rainy night in tokyo 
when i give my love to you 
now your in my dreams 
let me count the ways 
dear little nightingale 
all dressed up with nowhere to go 
when sly calls (don’t touch that phone) 
chain reaction 
just like key largo 
tell me all about it 

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Anonymous said…
Touch of Class is Mr Franks.
Never Satisfied. Sanpaku. Love Duet. Down in Brazil.
Much to Cherish. Thank you for the special mix Mr J. Feathers.

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