Too Slow To Disco 2 Competition

Last April we featured a pre-release mini-mix of the tracks on DJ Supermarkt's Too Slow To Disco 2, the sequel to Rough Trade's 2014 Compilation Album of the Year. Since then the album has gone on to receive even stronger reviews than Too Slow To Disco 1 did. "Words cannot express quite how fabulous this 'yacht rock' compilation is,"said The Independent. "It’s hard not to fall for the gloriously excessive arrangements and sun-kissed melodies," said Mixmag. Even MOJO, that bastion of rock solemnity and 'credibility', managed to loosen up a bit and get into the mood for this "collection suited to the post-party golden hour of the dawn drive to bed." And once again Rough Trade said:  "DJ Supermarkt has made the compilation of the year“

To celebrate the ongoing success of Too Slow To Disco (and to help pass the time until his new side project which is coming soon), we're giving away a couple of Too Slow To Disco 2 T-shirts (which will come in a free Too Slow To Disco 2-themed tote bag). The T-shirt is modeled by the man himself, DJ Supermarkt, below and he has set this question for us. Please send your answers to 

Which city is DJ Supermarkt, the curator of the TSTD series, living in? 

1. L.A.
2. Berlin
3. Moon

DJ Supermarkt

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