Another Green World (The Blue Realm Remix) - Brian Eno

Many thanks to Ben Zaven-Crane of Mojo Filter for this exclusive edit. The original version appeared on Brian Eno's third studio album in 1975 which features musicians as diverse as John Cale and Phil Collins. Within minutes of going online Mojo Filter's remix has been getting a great reaction and it's been recommended by Alexis Petrides, the music critic of The Guardian, who suggested it was best heard "at 5am in summer, off your knackers." 


NickT said…
This is bloody marvellous - which is the highest praise I can give! Only just came across it and have listened to it about 5 times in a row straight off... Everything from the arrangement, the rhythm track to expertly chosen and placed samples works beautifully.... It's fast becoming as much of a favourite as "Estelle", and I'll be playing it at least as much. Genius re-work - shared it on FaceBook too.. :-)
Wes said…
Love this, but the download link is dead.

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