The Vibe of Vice by Flashlites Productions

Over the last three years AOR Disco has focused on music from 1968-1982. There have been a few exceptions to this but the final years of the Golden Age of AOR have been neglected. The makers of Yacht Rock got it right when they ended the series in 1986 - the year which saw the release of Michael McDonald's last major hit, the break-up of Journey and the arrival of the poodle bands like Bon Jovi whose success led to the grunge backlash five years later which killed AOR off for good.  So it's long-overdue that we feature a mix which captures the spirit of the mid-1980s, before it all went wrong,  and who better to ask than CJ of Flashlites Productions whose five volume Ready 4 Airplay  series has documented the progression of the classic American FM radio sound. For CJ the defining context for mid-80s AOR is Miami Vice so here it is: "The Vibe of Vice", featuring a mixture of original tracks and new edits, with samples from Miami Vice Season 1 and the Miami Vice Pepsi Ad from 1985


01. You Belong to the City (Extended Edit) - Glenn Frey
02. I Can Dream About You (Kay K Extended Edit) – Dan Hartman
03. Foolish Heart (Genuine Fraud Edit) – Steve Perry
04. Running Up That Hill (Ashley Beedle Edit) - Kate Bush
05. This Is Not America (Eli Escobar Edit) – David Bowie / Pat Metheney Group
06. The Beast In Me (Hot Tracks Remix) – Silence 2
07. Vicious Games (Vicious Mix) - Yello
08. Take Me Home (12” Mix) – Phil Collins
09. Broken Wings (Dynamicron In A Rush Edit) – Mr Mister
10. Drive (The Tebay Re-Edit) - The Cars
11. Voices – Russ Ballard
12. The Boys Of Summer (808 Extended Remix) – Don Henley
professor Eddy said…
One word: brilliant! It's an interesting theory that disco in general and AOR Disco in particualr stopped in 1986. I think the reason for the decline of disco is the hip hop and even more the house revolution of 1987 (second summer of love). People were fed up with the clean radio sounds and became more interested in the dirty dance sounds of the underground. Rock music followed a few years later when Nirvana crashed all the big hair bands. It was time for self-made music that directly came from the streets in stead of artificial music that was created in expensive studios.
Glad you like the mix Eddy.

I think disco was starting to fade from the mainstream as early as 1979/80 - at least in America. I was actually referring to AOR music as defined by the Boston/Journey/Eagles/REO/Foreigner/McDonald generation - and how it ceased to be the main form of US pop/rock in 1986 (although there are a handful of AOR classics from 1987 onwards by Whitesnake,Richard Marx, Fleetwood Mac, etc).

But hair metal bands like Poison and Winger pretty much took over after Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet became so huge in 1986 - and it was that which the grunge/alternative scene was reacting to in 1990.

So it could be said that it was Bon Jovi and not Nirvana who really forced AOR underground. That's my theory anyway...
FlashlitesProductions said…
Hi my friends,

both have, in my opinion, its correctness. The important thing is that we love becomes a form of popular music together, which, with exceptions, already belongs to the underground. In my "Ready 4 Airplay" series, I've many protagonists of the West Coast Yacht AOR rock sounds that have never had much commercial success, despite the fantastic compositions and productions. I was and still is important to remember this and others to participate in this listening experience.

Therefore, I thank this blog and especially Matthew, who for me represents a platform.

By the way ... R4A Vol.VI follows the next day.
rayKTapes said…
Hello ray K here...(slight typo on your track list there LOL) Thanks for choosing my extended edit of "I can Dream About You" for this mix (I much enjoyed the mix). It's funny how much the sounds of Vice have influenced us. Several years ago, I also did a take on the show doing 3 volumes of tracks found in the show (and some I thought should have been LOL) All three mixes are available here in our archives: Thanks guys!

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