California Dreamin' (Ambient Forest Re-Love) - Mojo Filter ft. José Feliciano

Many thanks to Ben Zaven-Crane of Mojo Filter for this exclusive rework. Ben's latest mix for us - AOR Live Transmission Part 3 - is outstanding and we'll be posting it with an interview with him later this week.  

Track available on the forthcoming CD "AOR Disco Presents The Mojo Filter Vintage Edits"/ Buy the orginal version 


nigeyb said…
This song - and the Jose versh - are long time favourites here at Nigey Towers. Once again you've weaved the ol Mojo Filter magic and created a masterly edit that takes the original and makes it into something new, fresh and magnificent. Jeffin great. Well done. And thanks.
Anonymous said…
Really fantastic!! I love the original 60s version by the great Jose. but this version sound like a new generation of that classic

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