Balearic Sabbath by Robert E Lee

It great to welcome Robert E Lee back to AOR Disco. Based in Sheffield, England - "but with my heart set on Haight Ashbury '67, Laurel Canyon '72, Baia degli Angeli '78 and Ibiza '87" - Lee contributed one of the earliest mixes when the site began in 2009 and we've featured a number of his edits over the years too (we'll be re-uploading his cheeky
Gilbert O'Sullivan revamp soon). Lee's latest mix features the mellow, acoustic side of Black Sabbath. The Balearic appeal of the band's track 'Planet Caravan' has long been exploited by DJs and remixers but Lee has ventured further into the hinterlands of their catalogue to pull off a Sabbath only mixtape of unrelenting sunshine and prettiness, far from the grim, industrial vibes of early 1970s Birmingham which made them famous.


Danblank000 said…
could you supply the track list?
Stuart said…
Which version of Fluff is this one?

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