Into A Quiet Time 2 by Bill Spencer

Many thanks to Detroit's Bill Spencer for this high-class mix of Westcoast rarities from the 1970s. "It's a similar vibe as the one from two years back (I can't believe its been that long)," says Bill. "And I tried to use songs that have never been featured in a mix on AOR Disco before."

1. Gilles Rivard - Etoile de Mer
2. Adrian Gurvitz - Hit Man 
3. Marc Jordan - Margarita 
4. Positive Force - You Gotta Know 
5. Summer - Firefly 
6. Ayers Rock - So Deep In Love 
7. Mackey Feary Band - You're Young 
8. Olav Stedje - Valentino 
9. Niteflyte - Anyway You Want 
10. Tony Palkovic - Born With A Desire 
11. Kazu Matsui - Time Flies 
12. Pete Harris - Sailing, Just You And Me 
13. Kenny Rankin - Stringman 
14. Tatsuro Yamashita - Every Night 
15. Lion & The Lamb - Hollow 
16. James Walsh - Just Like Fallin' In Love


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