Sweet Soft Summer Sound - an AOR Disco Mix by Paul Hillery

Many thanks to Paul Hillery for his latest exclusive mix for AOR Disco, drawn from the deep vaults of his collection of 1970s Westcoast and folk rock rarities. 

Part Time Lady - Henson
Rubber Bandit - Bradley Smith
Do You Know - Joey Stec
Sights And Sounds - Jeffords Brothers
Streetcar Magic - Hugh Featherstone Blyth
Love Be Kind - Greg Boehme
Highway Song - Alex Taylor
Dark To Bright (Ginny) - Su'a And The Sand Island Band
Sweet Soft Summer Sound - Aidan Nolan
The Key - Baker Gurvitz Army
Noticing - Julian Brook
Day After Day - Michael Spiro
It's From Me - Ron Drago
A Bigger Fool - Fred Knoblock
She Moves Light - Pagliaro
Love In Disguise (Space Love) - New Hope
Angel's Delight - Danny Kirwan

Download Sweet Soft Summer Sound
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SupremeAntBee said…
I just got to song number eight, Noticing - Julian Brook, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you, Paul Hillery, for bringing that song into my life.
pH said…
My pleasure - thanks for the lovely comment <3
milos said…
No idea how many times, but I keep coming back for Paul's mixes. Pure class.

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