Smoothday Volume 6 by Jeffrey Boozer

"Here is Volume 6 of my all vinyl labor of love, focused on the unheralded and unknown treasures of the 1970s and 1980s," says Jeffrey Boozer. "This volume of the Smoothday series plays loose with genre and tempo over all, and is inspired by my gigs at Oakland's cozy and record geek heavy Bar 355. 

The vibe is quiet and on the verge of decisions, the way Michael Jarrett picks up his own absent minded and smoked out narration as 'Goodbye Rainbow' zips quickly off the coastal road and into neutral. The private press and unusually experimental bins jump into the pool too, letting us take a trip into the glorious self financed releases by the aforementioned S/SW Michael Dues (out of quiet Sacramento, Ca), John Elias (from San Jose, Ca), the trio Magic (out of even quieter San Luis Obispo, Ca), to the most mysterious and rewarding cover version factory known as Statler Records, nestled near Long Island, and responsible for an encyclopedia's worth of artist-less dance tracks, background music, and the occasional pop cyborg nugget like the version of 'Tusk' featured here.

As always, these tunes are meant to be taken with a grain of salt, but none are also not below some fine musicianship and excellent hooks. Hope you enjoy this excursion to the far right side of the FM radio dial!" 

1. "Goodbye Rainbow" - Michael Dues 1979
2. "Sunday In LA" - Michael Jarrett 1972
3. KNX FM promo cart c.1978
4. "This Good Tonight" - Steve Seskind 1979
5. "Melanie" - Player 1977
6. "Nick of Time" - John Elias 1979
7. "(Your Lovin' Is) Everywhere" - Spats 1978
8. "Who Will Buy" - Jon Lucien 1970
9. "Live It" - Sweet Comfort Band 1982
10. "Tusk" - Statler Records 45 c.1980
11. "Widescreen" - Rupert Holmes 1974
12. "Helpless" - Russ Ballard 1978
13. "Lay Some on Me Too" - Magic c.1980
14. "Fire Like the Sun" - Lawler & Cobb 1980
15. "Another Lonely Night" - Rob Mullins 1981
16. "A Fool In Line" - Starbuck 1977
17. "She's So Divine" - Jan Akkerman 1979
18. "Tarzana Reseda" - Christopher Rainbow 1975


Jeff Boozer said…
Thanks for listening!

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