Balearic Sunday by M.C.

Based in Milan, Michele Cesana of Sci-Fi Pogo and Disco Ciulini, is one of our favourite Balearic DJs. This new exclusive mix will be followed by a series of classic Cesana mixes which we'll run in the next few weeks, a series which will include a re-upload of Silly Love Songs which was a big hit on this site back in 2010. 

Rhye - The Falling (Live) (Innovative Leisure)
Jonathan Jeremiah - Gold Dust (Island)
Blundetto - Warm My Soul (Heavenly Sweetness)
Rudy Norman - Back To The Street (New Day Records)
Rolling Stones - Heaven (Polydor)
El Perro Del Mar - Heavenly Arms (Bandjo & EDPM Edit) (Colette)
Gyan Nishabda & Tri Atma - Natürliche Liebe (Erdenklang)
Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright - International Times (Emotional Rescue)
Allez Allez - African Queen (Moonlight Matters 'I Love Grace Jones' Remix) (Eskimo)
Jonathan Jeremiah - Gold Dust (Reprise) (Island)
Max Lässer's Ark - After The Battle (CBS)
Begin - Elate (Begin)
Land Of Light - Bell Rock Outpost (ESP Institute)
Haim - Go Slow (Neon Gold)
The Bear Brothers - Love Is (Psychemagik Edit) (Leng)
Nabowa - Ries (Kuniyuki Remix) (Bud Music)


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