Smokin' by La Homage

Smokin' is the latest exclusive mix for AOR Disco by Mark Taylor of La Homagewho gave us the excellent Marina Rock (a mix of AOR acts who never quite made the big-time),  Heading For The Bayou (a set with a "'Down In The Deep South' vibe to it"), Easy To Love (a Leo Sayer remix which has the potential to be a huge summer hit yet bafflingly remains unsigned), and Hazed and Dazed Volume 1 - Weekend On The Westcoast (mellow rarities). This new mix is the soundtrack to an American road-trip, from the country to the big smoke and back again. 


Anonymous said…
Tracklist pls :)
jazzobsessive said…
Found me way over Mark & enjoyed some but not all.

The first track is really excellent-please advise who it is!!
jazzobsessive said…
Now know the opening track is Shawn Phillips "All our Love" great mix into the next track "before I'm a gone?" who is this please before we get to Joe & Bing & Daybreak???-
Come on be a sport!!!
Unknown said…
"Before I'm Gone" is performed by Wolves and Whales. I can't find it anywhere, though. But I do know it is in Wilderness America ‎– A Celebration of the Land compilation album.

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